Odd, Tom fiddled with the radio switch. Still somewhat asleep, he paid no heed.

Tom came bounding down the stairs. A spring in his step. The coffee maker’s light shone bright. Beth, already up, clutched her mug tight. She flicked on the TV.

How odd… Tom stared at Beth. She continued to flip through each channel. Tom directed his attention toward the TV. It blinked with a flash of static. Beth sipped her hot cup of joe.

“What’s with our cable?” Tom asked. Beth ignored him, thinking nothing of it. Tom swiped the remote from her hand. Coffee streamed down Beth’s mug. Tom didn’t care. Pacing, he attempted to find the news.

“Hey, I like that newscast!” Beth groaned.

Who says that? Tom still didn’t care. His heart started to pound. He gave up. The remote slammed against the couch.

The laptop was Tom’s next option. Its screen, a beacon of hope. The Internet browser jumped and jumped. It kept jumping.

“Open dammit.” Tom had had enough. Beth swooped in and took over. Her fingers moved quickly on the keys. No browser opened, yet she purposefully typed. What is she doing? Am I going mad? Tom tripped a bit leaving the room.

Tom slipped into his sandals. The back door creaked to a close. Plunking down in his hammock, he sighed. His hands wrapped around his face. What is going on?

His phone rumbled in his pocket. A text notification popped up. It read, “Hey Tom, read my article?”

No, I should do that. Tom tapped the link. Lines of code scrolled down the screen. The numbers and symbols hurt his eyes. I need some sleep.


(Blog Challenge #1: Write a fictional 275-word short story about a person who wakes up one day to find all media has vanished. Use only active sentences of a maximum of seven words)


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