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I’ve realized a few things about myself since starting Creative Communications: I don’t read enough books, I fall victim to the dreaded passive voice too easily, and I hold a DSLR camera like it’s a ticking time bomb.

As a DSLR newbie, I set out to find a photography resource online to learn some key fundamentals for using my camera. After a quick search, I found Photography Life—the all-in-one website/blog for photographers of any skill level. It has tips for beginners, but also covers any photography category you may be interested in learning more about.

With tips on different types of shots and how to shoot them, camera reviews, articles from many contributors, and a massive lens index, Photography Life is quite a helpful resource.

No matter what kind of camera you use or type of photography you’re into, this site has you covered. It even has a ‘Photo-Essays and Advice‘ section with links to great photo-essays, interviews, and useful photography business advice (if you’re a pro). If you ever need inspiration for a photo-essay make-up assignment, this section is gold. Check out these two by Spencer Cox: IcelandDrone Photography in Iceland. Um, Iceland? YES, please.

We had to shoot photos at different Culture Days events last weekend, and I’ll admit I was lost a lot of the time figuring out my camera. We’ve started discussing these photos in class, deconstructing each inexperienced shot.

One piece of advice from our first discussion was: direct the shot verbally and use yourself as an essential photographic tool.

It’s as simple as telling your subject what to do, and for candid photos, getting yourself in the right position for the best possible shot. This takes some thought and obviously a ton of practice for us beginners.

But once we start directing and positioning ourselves better, what should we think of next? … I have no clue. I bet there are many answers, but below in the embedded tweet is an interesting article from Photography Life on the various ways we can improve our photography.

^ Now, there’s a stellar portrait our photojournalist friend, James Turner would love… maybe.

I’ll be visiting Photography Life regularly as I begin to go out and shoot more. Hopefully it’ll help you too!

If you know of any more super useful photography blogs or social media accounts, please send them my way!

Follow Photography Life on Twitter—@KillerPhotoTips.

Cheers to learning a new skill.


(Blog Challenge #4 – Recommend a blog or Twitter account your CreComm classmates might find helpful as they pursue the program. Providing specific examples, explain why and how you feel this resource might help CreComms be successful)


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