Cribbage & Community

After a long week of successful realty, my friend, Andrew Penner sets up and dominates in a good ol’ game of cribbage.


Penner shuffles the deck and gets us underway. (Yes, that is an Argos cheerleading deck of cards)


Miller is feeling left out. Too bad he has no opposable thumbs…


Penner is in the zone, racking up the points on the first hand. Glen Hampton is curious as to why I haven’t counted my points yet.


Penner is on the brink of victory.


Penner places the winning peg, exerting his cribbage dominance upon us all.


p.s. Andrew only won because I was focused on this photo story.

(Blog Challenge #7: Make a photo story about an event in the day of a friend or loved one’s life. Maximum seven pictures and the story should have a clear focus)


7 thoughts on “Cribbage & Community

  1. Can we do Cribbage for our sports story? the suspense of who was going to take the Win was killing me… I was rooting for you Manny.


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