Tales by Light: Adrenaline


Photographer Krystle Wright walking in the salt flats of Utah; she is scouting out her landscape for a day of paramotoring shooting./Photo from Tales by Light, Netflix.

Tales by Light is a Netflix Original series that follows renowned photographers around the world as they search for mesmerizing shots of nature and culture.

This episode, aptly named “Adrenaline,” features adventure sports photographer Krystle Wright. She is documented trying to get her ‘dream shots’ of three different adventure sports: free diving in Vanuatu, highlining (slacklining across a canyon) in Colorado, and paramotoring (motor paragliding) in Utah’s salt flats.

The whole demeanour of the show is of a Planet Earth style. You could cheekily call it Planet Photography. A cultured sounding narrator and the photographer herself provide the commentary for the shooting process. It’s all about the photographer’s experience. The cinematography is incredible and the music bed is epic, over-the-top, and inspirational. What a dramatic life this nomad photographer leads.

The cinematography and sequencing of shots are top-notch, and the landscape settings where Wright finds herself are breathtaking. If you want to learn more about the behind-the-scenes process and less about the technical aspects of photography, watch this series.

The one downside of this series is that it doesn’t explain what equipment she uses, who she’s working for, nor if she is doing this solely for self-purposes. It ends with a testimonial monologue from Wright, explaining her motivational drive to be better and her love of adventure sport photography.

All in all, it’s a very interesting outlook on Wright’s career and creative process. “Adrenaline” gives an enticing glimpse into the life of a professional adventure sports photographer.

Final verdict: a series worth watching for an emotional, visually stimulating mood boost.


(Blog Challenge #8: Write a review of any TV show or film you wouldn’t ordinarily watch. Keep it to 275 words and don’t use the first person “I” pronoun)


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