My Top Albums of 2011

As this December rolls along toward my top albums of 2016 blog post, I’m introducing you to my lists of years past. From 2010, we naturally move to 2011 in good ole chronological fashion.

2016 Manny: 2011 was quite the year for music. Let me take you down my musical memory lane. Our term’s almost done, Christmas is almost here, and rest is just around the corner. Give these suggestions a listen, if you so wish this season. The Head and the Heart burst onto the scene, Bon Iver blew our minds, M83 was the glorious sound of Red Bull, and The Civil Wars came down from heaven. However, my number one album in 2011 was not of the obvious… Have a look and a listen to these gems below.


2011 Manny: Let’s get right to it! Last year, I said that I don’t like to limit my selection to 10… so I didn’t. I felt the need to add a bunch of honourable mentions, and I’ll do the same here. I’m hesitant in regards to my ordering, so if you disagree, by all means, DISAGREE!


10. Foster the People – Torches

9. Florence + The Machine – Ceremonials

8. Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math  

7. Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto

6. M83 – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

5. Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

4. The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow

3. The Head & The Heart – The Head and the Heart

2. Bon Iver – Bon Iver 

 AND my number one album of 2011 IS…



1. Sam Roberts Band – Collider 

A class act. Sam Roberts’s lyrics are mind boggling and his groove is never ending. I cannot choose a favourite track because all 13 are candidates! I saw them live in November and was in awe of how tight they were with their sound. They keep coming out with completely solid albums. I can’t complain one bit.


Lupe Fiasco – Lasers

Death Cab for Cutie – Codes and Keys
The Black Keys – El Camino
Thrice – Major/Minor
Switchfoot – Vice Verses
Winnipeg’s Best:
Saint Kris – BYOB
Imaginary Cities – Temporary Resident
The Liptonians – Let’s All March Back Into The Sea
Albums I haven’t listened to that may have made my list (and they’re definitely on my wish list):
The Roots – Undun
Feist – Metals (2016 Manny says LISTEN TO THIS RIGHT NOW)
Lights – Siberia
The Antlers – Burst Apart (2016 Manny says LISTEN TO THIS RIGHT NOW)
TV On the Radio – Nine Types of Light
Consider all of these selections as fine options for your listening list,
if you haven’t done so already!
Can’t wait for the solid albums of 2012!
(Hope you party partied)

10 thoughts on “My Top Albums of 2011

  1. Hey Manny. This was the first blog I read, and it would be helpful if you explained with each post from past years’, why you’re posting it (like you did earlier from the 2010 post). I was very confused. Could you also mention what genre these top albums are from? I only know there’s no country music here.


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