The World’s Listening Map & Listening Stats

Do you ever wonder what music people listen to in different parts of the world? Thanks to Spotify’s interactive listening map you can now click and know in a matter of seconds. Not sure how I only stumbled upon this now. I am entranced. Take a look:

Click on a city to find the 100 “distinctive” songs that are played there disproportionately relative to the rest of the world. Click on a country to see its most distinctive, emerging, viral, and popular track for the current week.

I first checked Amsterdam, then meandered over to Reykjavik. Then I thought: what the heck, what do people living in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina listen to?  Click on a city to find its distinctive 100 songs that are played disproportionately from the rest of the world.

The Apple Music vs. Spotify war rages on and each streaming service has its pros and cons, but something I’ve always appreciated with Spotify is stats. I am intrigued by listening stats: who, what, where, the whole lot. I’ll often waste a lot of time looking at stats Spotify provides. Data springs up all over Spotify’s user interface, and I love it.

I like to track new music’s stats especially. When mega artists like Ed Sheeran and Lorde drop new music, it’s fun to see the virality unfold. Sheeran took over the Spotify-streaming throne from Drake and is now first worldwide with 48.5 million monthly listeners (up from 42.18 last month—see chart below). Lorde is seventy-sixth worldwide with 12.8 million monthly listeners.

Sheeran’s album, ÷, broke the single day streaming record on its release date with 56.73 million plays on Spotify worldwide, according to Music Business Worldwide. The Weeknd’s Starboy had the previous record with 29 million last November (2016).


From Music Business Worldwide

Anyway, back to the listening map.

I wondered what was distinctive, emerging, popular, and viral in Winnipeg. So here it is… Winnipeg’s favourites on Spotify. How many of these songs have you listened to? My score is 7/100. Hmm, maybe I should move.

Sources: Spotify Insights, Music Business Worldwide, MBW 2


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