Do you listen to these obscure genres?

We all know music genres can be totally arbitrary. Some are made up on the spot to describe a group’s sound that is strange or different. To be fair, genres allow us to label music, compartmentalize it, and essentially market it so that a target listener makes the decision to press play and give it a chance.

As I go through the process of releasing music, I’m having trouble categorizing it in a genre… If people are to find me online, they need a descriptor to relate to. We instantly judge, for better or for worse, something based on its label. It’s just what our brains do.

I find the whole idea of music needing a label kind of ridiculous (go figure… I blog about it), but I also find it very entertaining. There are some weird genres out there.

Honestly, a lot of them we could do without. But everybody wants to be special and I personally love hearing the strange genres that come out of the woodwork.

This week, I’ll take another break from looking at only one genre and give a fun list of obscure ones Spotify has available for your curious ears:

deep discofox: A goofy earnest genre featuring slick techno-disco and the occasional video.”

fallen angel: Fallen angel is a dark, often-orchestral, form of metal that features female vocals.”

fidget house: This variant of electro house features clicky treble and sludgy bass lines, with blurry synths and a midrange tempo.”

footwork: Footwork is a style of music and street dance from Chicago that involves drum fills and hand claps. By improvising elaborate twists, turns, and movements of their feet, dancers move quickly to the beat of the music and compete against each other.”

nerdcore: Nerdcore is hip-hop music catered to nerds. Lyrical subject matter may include science fiction and computer games. Most nerdcore features DIY production and uncleared samples.”

vegan straight edge: Vegan straight edge is hardcore punk that espouses a vegan and drug-free lifestyle. Lyrics feature themes about animal cruelty and clean living.”

And my personal favourite:

wrestling: The sound of wrestling stars.”

For more entertaining, wacky genres, check out the full list on the Spotify Insights blog:

Sources: Spotify Insights


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