San Fermin & Low Roar: The Experience

Walking into The Park Theatre this past Saturday night, I was greeted instantly by my friend, Ryan. With a huge grin, he ushered me along to where our group stood in the foyer just outside the theatre doors.

“You missed out; we spoke to the lead singer for like 20 minutes,” said my friend and Ryan’s wife, Janelle.

Ryan and Janelle have been waiting for San Fermin’s Winnipeg show for months. Their excitement beamed from their eyes.

Allen Tate, one of the lead singers of San Fermin, was hanging out in the foyer before the show and came up to talk to them.

In my previous post, I mentioned how down-to-earth and friendly this group was. Sure enough, Tate proved my point to a tee.

As for the show itself, it was exactly how we expected it: glorious.

Low Roar, the opener, impressed, and San Fermin lived up to their hype with an energetic performance.

My highlight of the show was when San Fermin’s saxophonist and trumpeter jumped into the crowd and battle-performed back-and-forth while their lungs worked overtime. I’m sure one of your friends ‘storied it.’

San Fermin’s wall of sound resounded emphatically, and their showmanship was scintillating.

Cheers to a good show. Gotta love it. What’s the next show you’re looking forward to?


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