Begonia – Lady in Mind (and on the Rise)

Alexa Dirks aka Begonia has cut her teeth in Winnipeg’s rich music scene for many years now.

She was a part of the harmonious a capella group turned alternative-rock outfit Chic Gamine and has now begun her solo venture under the moniker Begonia.

Begonia recently released her debut EP, Lady in Mind—an elegant five-song collection.

The lead track, “Juniper”, starts things off with a jolt. The music’s beat bounces in and Dirks’s vocals carry the track along nicely the rest of the way.

For the next four songs, she slows it right down and takes the listener on a saunter down her winding, soothing path of swelling synths and syncopating percussion.

This past week, Dirks performed with Royal Canoe at the red-carpet premiere for the motion picture Lovesick, which was composed by Royal Canoe’s Matthew Schellenberg.

Schellenberg wrote the soundtrack and featured great Winnipeg musicians in it, such as Matt Peters (Royal Canoe), John K. Samson (The Weakerthans), and Begonia.

Begonia performs with the Royal Canoe boys quite a bit and has written music with Schellenberg under the alias Courier News. Let’s hope some new material from them will surface soon.


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