Believe Me When I Say


Watercolour painting by Rachel Goossen | Graphic design by Jessica Goossen

It’s been a dream of mine for a decade to release my own music. Not in just a haphazard way, but properly—like going through the whole shebang of having it available on all the major music services.

Over the years, I’ve followed many artists, supported their releases, and figuratively stared in admiration at their accomplishments. I wanted to be on their side of things. I wanted to feel what they were feeling. This desire pushed me to write and record my own music over the past two years.

I’ll be honest, it was hard to keep motivated. I didn’t have a job for much of that time period. I felt like I was wasting away even though I was working diligently on my music.

Only now am I starting to feel a sense of accomplishment—two years later. I hope this doesn’t come off in a conceited way because it’s more of a ‘wow I put an insane number of hours into this thing and now it’s finally coming to fruition’ feeling (if that makes sense). And I’m ecstatic to share these swirling tracks that have been on my mind for some time with you.

A good chunk of my album reflects on the directionless life transition I was experiencing. I graduated university, broke up with my girlfriend at the time, and didn’t know where I was headed in my life.

I didn’t have the sense of direction I have now. As most of you know, I’m pursuing a communications career with the Creative Communications program at Red River College. The work we’ve done has me excited for the career opportunities to come. But what has been really special is the people I’ve met, who’ve inspired me to work hard and produce my very best in everything I do (whether it be in writing, designing, or filming).

Anyway, I’m getting too sappy. Know I had a blast in my first year of CreComm, and now I can focus on releasing some music.

I’ll announce my debut album in the next couple weeks, but for now enjoy my first single, “Believe Me When I Say” (and if you like it, please share it)!

This track is an introspective look into the realizations of a past relationship’s faults.

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“Believe Me When I Say” is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and Bandcamp to purchase.

It’s also streaming on popular services like Apple MusicDeezer, SoundCloud, and even TIDAL (Do you know anyone who uses TIDAL? I don’t. But it’s there!)