The Blue Man Group Speaks (the Pseudo Genre of Percussive Entertainment)

I’ll never forget the London Blue Man Group show my grade 12 class went to on our England trip in 2007. The moment when the blue trio crawled through the audience for the finale is embedded in my memory. Colourful streamers and large, inflated spheres rolled over each row in abundance.

As we were in awe, one Blue Man singled me out and plucked my favourite hat off of my head. He looked at me and I just knew what the look in his eyes meant: he ‘signed’ my hat with a blue thumbprint. I was livid. I couldn’t believe he’d mark my hat with paint.

After the show, I realized how ridiculous my reaction was and found the same Blue Man outside posing for photos with people. In his English accent, he reassured me the paint would come out in the wash. He could’ve been lying to me, but I believed him. The mark remains on my hat to this day. Maybe it was a good thing I acted out. I mean, I did get a Blue Man to actually speak to me in the end.


The Blue Man Group’s percussive show grasps the audience with visually stunning schticks and appealing choreography. Here’s a taste of what their show is like…

I’m happy to see the Blue Man Group still going strong today. Go see them if you get the chance. It’s a great show.

I’ll take this opportunity to ridicule my high school, Goldilocks self.

2007 Manny and the English Blue Man who spoke to me.

I’m sporting a classic tourist look: a Hockey Night in Canada shirt and a digital point-and-shoot camera case strapped underneath my rain jacket. You can see the blue thumb print on top of my hat as well.

I wonder what this man is doing today. I wonder if he’s still a Blue Man and still performs. I wonder if he still gives the same soul-piercing stare in every photo he poses in.

Cheers to the Blue Man Groups all over the world and cheers to humiliating decade-old pics.


San Fermin & Low Roar: The Experience

Walking into The Park Theatre this past Saturday night, I was greeted instantly by my friend, Ryan. With a huge grin, he ushered me along to where our group stood in the foyer just outside the theatre doors.

“You missed out; we spoke to the lead singer for like 20 minutes,” said my friend and Ryan’s wife, Janelle.

Ryan and Janelle have been waiting for San Fermin’s Winnipeg show for months. Their excitement beamed from their eyes.

Allen Tate, one of the lead singers of San Fermin, was hanging out in the foyer before the show and came up to talk to them.

In my previous post, I mentioned how down-to-earth and friendly this group was. Sure enough, Tate proved my point to a tee.

As for the show itself, it was exactly how we expected it: glorious.

Low Roar, the opener, impressed, and San Fermin lived up to their hype with an energetic performance.

My highlight of the show was when San Fermin’s saxophonist and trumpeter jumped into the crowd and battle-performed back-and-forth while their lungs worked overtime. I’m sure one of your friends ‘storied it.’

San Fermin’s wall of sound resounded emphatically, and their showmanship was scintillating.

Cheers to a good show. Gotta love it. What’s the next show you’re looking forward to?

San Fermin – From One Man to an Eight-Piece Wonder

San Fermin is playing at The Park Theatre tonight and it’ll be quite the show.

No, there won’t be any ‘Running of the Bulls’ happening (San Fermin is the town in Spain where that happens), but the music may come close to giving you that kind of rush.

The Brooklyn-based group relies on its percussion, its jazzy alternative rock style (featuring a raspy, rustic baritone sax), and its eight members rocking in unison to deliver an outstanding show.

The music is the brainchild of Ellis Ludwig-Leone who doesn’t actually lend his voice to his music. He’s the composer, the arranger. He’s content to stand on the side and manipulate his synths while watching his two lead singers roll out the emotion in the vocals.

I had the pleasure of meeting the group last summer at the Winnipeg Folk Festival where they played on the stage I volunteered on. Talk about down-to-earth. The nicest group of musicians you’ll ever meet, and that’s what stood out to me. Their willingness to hang out, chat, and have a good time.

They’re on tour in support of their third studio album, Belong, which they released April 7 (listen on Spotify below).

So come out to The Park Theatre tonight and support a great group of musicians.

There are a few tickets left. Hope to see you there.

p.s. Low Roar is opening. A mellow, refreshing electronic artist from Iceland.